Instagram Is Launching Security Check Feature for Accounts That Have Been Hacked in the Past

Instagram is getting a new Security Check feature for users whose accounts may have been hacked in the past. The new feature, aimed at making user accounts more secure, will guide users through the steps required to keep their accounts secure. The steps include checking login activity, reviewing profile information, confirming accounts with shared login information, and updating account recovery contact information. Instagram is also testing a new ‘reshare’ sticker in stories to make sharing photos, IGTV, reels, and videos on stories easier.

Detailing the Security Check feature on its blog, Instagram said: “Security Checkup will guide people, whose accounts may have been hacked, through the steps needed to secure them.” Users whose accounts have been compromised in the past will get a prompt at login asking them to run a security check. It will take them through the steps needed to secure their accounts. The social media platform has also mentioned more ways through which users can keep their accounts secure.

One of the recommended ways to secure an account is by enabling two-factor authentication. Instagram mentions that users in certain countries will be able to secure their Instagram accounts using their WhatsApp accounts. Users can also activate two-factor authentication using their phone numbers or through authentication apps like Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator. The social media platform has detailed its two-factor authentication on its support page.

Instagram also mentioned that users should ensure their linked mobile number and email id are updated on a regular basis. The contact details are for the social media platform to contact users in case there is suspicious activity on their account. It mentions on its support page how this step helps in securing an account.

One of the things Instagram emphasised on in terms of account safety is that it would never send any user Direct Messages (DMs). The social media platform said that a large number of reports have claimed that Instagram DM’ed them to change their password. It is to be noted that Instagram only sends a message under the ‘Email from Instagram’ tab in settings.

Users are also advised to report malicious content and accounts they see on the platform. The social media platform said users can report content by “tapping the three dots above a post, holding on a message, or by visiting an account and reporting directly from the profile.” Instagram has also detailed the reporting process.

The blog post said that users should report suspicious login activity as they will receive notifications when they or someone else tries to log in to their account. Users can also view the list of devices that have recently logged in under Settings > Security > Login activity. Users can find out more information on this on the Instagram support website.

Apart from security-related updates, the social media platform is testing a new feature that lets users share the recent posts they’ve viewed, saved, liked, or posted from a “recently viewed” tab. This tab will appear then the ‘reshare’ sticker is selected to post a story. Additionally, users can insert IGTV, reels, and feed video content. The new feature was first spotted by The Verge.

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