Transform Day 2: Data, analytics, and intelligent automation and more

The second day of Transform, the annual digital event dedicated to applied enterprise AI, is another big one – VBLab and Accenture have partnered up to take you into the heart and soul of the digital age. On July 13, 2021, we’ll take a virtual deep dive into data, analytics, and intelligent automation, from navigating the digital journey now to building a strategy for the future.

We’ve gathered leaders from retail (Nordstrom, Nike, Doordash, Orangetheory), tech, (Google, Adobe, Zillow), healthcare (Cigna, Commonspirit Health; Dignity health/ Catholic health), finance (American Express, Creditkarma, American Fidelity) and more.

These CXOs and BUs are gathering data across multiple sources, performing ETL (extract, transform, load), and storing it in the cloud or in a hybrid model in a data lake/data warehouse. They’re finding innovative ways to enrich the data with crowd-sourcing or synthetic sources, cleaning and normalizing the data.

They’re pioneering ways to address the biggest concerns with customer data such as privacy, security, bias, and labeling. They’re uncovering the best ways to prepare the data for downstream applications such as AI, ML, and performing analytics on top of it. And they’re building a new generation of AI-infused applications to make use of the data.

The day kicks off with the Breakfast Series Part 2, Presented by Accenture. Valerie Nygaard, Product Lead at Google, will guide panelists Anjali Dewan from American Express, Mark Clare from Evernorth, a subsidiary of Cigna Corporation, Arnab Chakraborty from Accenture, and Ian Wong, from Opendoor, for a panel discussion on making applications accurate, robust, and bias-free. They’ll walk us through the steps their organizations took to analyze and normalize data, review the tech they used, and talk about how to develop strategies, best practices, and more.

In panels like “Cloud to survive, AI to thrive,” with Sanjeev Vohra, Global Lead at Accenture Applied Intelligence, and VentureBeat’s Hari Sivaraman, Head of AI Content Strategy, attendees will be taken along the path that CXOs navigate to data-driven reinvention.

Interested in retail AI? A dedicated discussion talks through consumer behaviour with big data, delivering AI-powered products that offer personalized recommendations, with leaders from Wing Venture Capital, DoorDash, Nike, and Accenture. The biggest trends in in RPA are covered by panelists from American Fidelity Assurance, Automation Anywhere, and Honeywell, plus there are panels not to be missed on data in healthcare and finance, AI and data trends, and more.

The all-day digital event is presented by Accenture in partnership with VB Lab, says Gina Joseph, EVP Strategy & Partnerships.

“At VB Lab, we’re always looking for the right kind of partner who can bring authentic thought leadership to our events,” she says. “We’re proud to partner with Accenture to deliver unparalleled content that will inform business decision-makers and inspire them as they make critical decisions in the AI and data tech strategy industry.”

Register now to join your peers at Transform 2021, the AI event of the year for enterprise execs looking to maintain their competitive edge in an AI and data driven world, July 12 – 15, 2021.

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