5 Reasons Why the Samsung Crystal 4K Series Is Smarter Than Other Televisions

The new Samsung Crystal 4K and 4K Pro televisions are rightfully getting a lot of attention for their eye-catching design and their expectation-beating displays that deliver both great colours and extreme details with extreme clarity even during fast-paced action. Couple that with the powerful audio features enabled by powerful processors inside the televisions, and you’ve got a full cinematic experience in your home when you get the Crystal 4K TV series. But one of the biggest reasons to pick these televisions is actually the smart features that make the series such a standout choice.

The Samsung Crystal 4K TVs come with a huge number of thoughtful features that make it a better choice. Samsung weaves its smart features into the way people want to use their televisions and makes it easier to do the things that you want without any interruptions, intuitively. Here are some of the smart features of the Samsung Crystal 4K TV series that make it a must-have pick.

Tap to mirror

One of the best smart features of the Samsung Crystal 4K TVs is the tap to share feature, which is so simple and smooth that anyone can use it. Tap view is a super intuitive feature that lets you share videos from your phone to the TV by simply tapping the phone against the television. As long as you have a supported handset, and the TV and phone are both switched on, just tap to mirror the display from your phone to the TV.

So the next time you want to show your vacation video or your family photos you don’t have to hand over your phone — just tap the screen and let them be seen in all their glory on the big screen instead. And all without any hoops to jump through of pairing and sharing — just tap, and show.

Content guide

One of the problems we face today is that, with content spread across a number of platforms, it’s becoming harder to actually find something to watch. Have you ever had the experience of flicking through three different apps, just looking at thumbnails and then realising you’ve spent half an hour and not found anything to watch yet?

That’s exactly what Samsung solves with the content guide, a curated feed of content from broadcast and streaming channels, personalised for you, so you can actually watch something before the popcorn gets cold, without even having to open an app.

Remote Access

We’re all working from home these days, so why not work on the best screen in your house instead of squinting at your laptop? Take advantage of the high quality, high resolution display to get a big picture view of your work! Remote Access lets you tap into your office PC to access files and work on documents from home.

You can use various Office 365 tools on your television, all from the comfort of your couch, without having to plug in another piece of equipment into the TV. This feature allows you to remotely connect to a PC running either Windows or Mac, so regardless of which system you use to work, you’ll be able to cross things off your list with the Samsung Crystal 4K TV series. Enjoy with a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for the maximum ergonomic comfort, rather than a laptop.

Home Cloud

With Samsung Home Cloud you can easily share your content, free up space on your phone, and still protect your privacy, because nothing gets uploaded to the wider Internet. The Home Cloud feature lets you save your most important files to the Samsung Crystal 4K TV automatically and wirelessly, freeing up space on your phone while keeping your data safe at home.

At the same time, the Auto Hotspot feature allows your phone to connect the television to the Internet automatically so that no additional setup is required. The combination means that your TV will always be at its smartest — while your data will be at the safest.

Multi Voice Support

The Samsung Crystal 4K Pro can do more than just play movies and TV shows, or display your games. These televisions can also answer your questions, look up things on the Internet, or control your smart lights and other IoT devices at home.

This is made possible by the Multi Voice support that comes with the Crystal 4K Pro series of televisions. The TV series features Samsung’s popular Bixby voice assistant, but in case your house is set up to work with Alexa instead, don’t worry because the Crystal 4K Pro televisions also come with Alexa built in.

So what are you waiting for? Buy the Samsung Crystal 4K or 4K Pro TVs now! The series starts at just Rs. 37,990 for the 43-inch option. The 4K Pro starts at Rs. 39,990 for its 43-inch version and goes up to 65-inches in size, with 50-inch and 55-inch models as well. The 4K Pro also has an exclusive 58-inch model. The televisions are available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Samsung.com.

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