Samsung Crystal 4K Series: Bringing Audio Back to Centre Stage

Samsung’s new Crystal 4K series – which includes the Crystal 4K and Crystal 4K Pro televisions – stands out for a number of reasons, such as its crystal clear display and smart features. One of the features which makes this a really good option is the audio quality that Samsung brings with its Q-symphony technology. It improves surround sound and voice amplification, smartly enhancing the quality of the audio the same way the Crystal 4K TV enhances the quality of the video you are watching. Audio is a huge part of watching movies and playing video games – it may not be as obvious as the picture, but can make or break your viewing experience.

Samsung’s Crystal 4K televisions also come with a feature called Adaptive Sound technology, which takes into account the environment that you’re watching TV in, and adjusts the audio to compensate for the room you’re in, in order to deliver the best possible sound quality.

If that sounds good to you, read on to know why you should buy a Samsung Crystal 4K series television now.

Smarter sound

Samsung’s Crystal 4K TVs adaptive sound smartly analyses what you’re watching in order to fine tune it to deliver the best audio possible. It dynamically adjusts the audio to deliver a lifelike, three-dimensional sound experience.

The Adaptive Sound technology means that the Crystal 4K televisions are analysing each scene in real-time to identify and optimise sound settings. Key components like speech, music and ambient sound are instantly optimised to best suit what you’re watching.


Most people these days also like to buy a Soundbar along with their televisions in order to get the best cinematic experience. But this means that the speakers in your TV stay idle and only the Soundbar is delivering your audio, which is a missed opportunity. With Samsung’s unique Q-Symphony technology, your TV speakers and Soundbar can work together.

The TV speakers and Soundbar speakers work together in order to create better and more resonant surround sound, using Samsung’s Q-Symphony technology with the Samsung Q-series Soundbars.

The result is more compelling audio that gives you a fully cinematic experience, like you’re watching movies in a theatre rather than at home.

Innovations like these make the Samsung Crystal 4K an easy pick if you’re looking for a new television. It’s available in a wide number of sizes and budgets starting from just Rs. 37,990, and ranging from a 43-inch size to 65-inch, so you can choose a television that best suits you. The Samsung Crystal 4K and Crystal 4K Pro televisions are now available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Samsung.com, so bring one home today.

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