Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Android Has 47 Times More Malware Than iOS, Sideloading Will Destroy iPhone Security

Apple CEO Tim Cook said during a live chat that Android has more malware than iOS and “sideloading” mobile apps were not in the “best interests of users.” If Apple was forced to allow sideloading apps, as Android does, it would destroy the security and privacy of the iOS platform, he said, while speaking virtually at the VivaTech 2021 conference in Paris, France, on June 16. Asked about the proposed European law, known as Digital Markets Act (DMA), that aims to prevent the big tech companies from monopolising their position in the market, Cook signalled Apple’s opposition to it, as it would force the tech giant to allow users to install software outside of the App Store.

Cook also claimed that Android has “47 times more malware” than Apple because the iOS has been designed in such a way that there’s one app store and “all of the apps are reviewed” before going to the store.

Watch the video below to find out what else Cook had to say:

Sideloading apps means manually installing software from the Internet instead of doing it through an app store.

“As I look at the tech regulation that’s being discussed, I think there are good parts of it, and then I think there are parts of it that are not in the best interests of the user,” Cook said during the interview.

Cook said the current language of the DMA, which will force sideloading on the iPhone, would “destroy the security” of the smartphone and many of the privacy initiatives of the App Store.

DMA focusses on companies with a large customer base – like Apple, Google, and Amazon – and wants them to open up their platforms to competitors. The proposed law also aims to build a fairer business environment for enterprises and individuals who depend on big “gatekeeper” online platforms to offer their services in a single market.

If enacted, this legislation can become a basis for other countries with large consumer bases to also seek more openness from online tech giants.

During the 30-minute session, Cook declined to provide any details about Apple’s upcoming products, and only said that there’s always “something up our sleeve.”

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