Instagram, Facebook to Display ‘AI Info’ on Posts Following Backlash Over ‘Made With AI’ Label

Meta has updated the artificial intelligence (AI) content detection label from “Made with AI” to “AI Info” on Monday. The announcement came just days after several Instagram influencers and photographers criticised the social media giant for incorrectly labelling their original posts as AI-generated content. In a post, Meta acknowledged that its previous label was not aligned with people’s expectations and did not always provide enough context. The company now hopes the new label will eliminate the confusion while providing context about images and videos edited using AI tools.

Meta changes AI content detection label to ‘AI Info’

The company updated an older post where it highlighted its approach towards labelling AI-generated content, and highlighted that posts will no longer be labelled “Made with AI” and instead will be tagged as “AI Info”. However, Meta will continue to flag posts which have even minor edits made using any AI tool. While several users have started seeing the new label, Gadgets 360 was not able to verify it. The new labels will likely become visible to all users in the coming days.

Users can also click on the AI label to gain more context about it. Tapping on it opens a bottom sheet that says, “Generative AI may have been used to create or edit content in this post.” It also shares information about what is generative AI, for users who are not familiar with the technology.

As per the post, Meta uses industry-standard indicators that other companies include in content created using their tools to detect whether something is created with the help of AI. Notably, some of these indicators include the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) and the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) standards.

undetected ai images instagram Undetected AI generated images

Undetected AI generated images on Instagram

The social media giant also highlighted that it will continue to work with companies across the industry to improve its AI labelling process to ensure it better matches their intent. However, as detected by Gadgets 360, a large number of AI-generated images continue to be undetected by the company’s tools.

There is also the concern that the generous usage of the “AI Info” label to even flag the images that have been retouched using AI might dilute the real purpose behind them which is to identify deepfakes and manipulative AI content.

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