Genesys Launches AI-Powered Navigation Map Tailored for Indian Automotive and Mobility Sectors

Genesys International, the Mumbai-based mapping, survey, and geospatial solutions company, launched artificial intelligence-powered navigation maps on Monday. The map encompasses 83 lakh kilometres across India. The company claims it was built specifically for the automotive and mobility industries of the country and will help build personalised driving experiences and offer location intelligence. Alongside this, the company also introduced several products which are built on top of the navigation maps. These include Navigation with Augmented Reality (AR), Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA).

Genesys Launches AI-Powered Navigation Maps

In a press release (via ANI), the company claimed the AI-powered maps cover India’s largest navigable road network spanning 83 lakh kilometres. It also features more than three crore points of interest (POIs). Genesys also stated that the AI map system will allow drivers access to precise and reliable navigation.

Sajid Malik, Chairman and Managing Director of Genesys International, said, “With features like Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), we are setting new benchmarks for safety and convenience on Indian roads. These technologies will alert drivers to speed limits, recognize traffic signs, assist with lane-keeping, and offer adaptive cruise control.”

Alongside the AI-powered navigation maps, the company also unveiled several new products aimed at improving the driving experience. First is Navigation with Augmented Reality. This system integrates real-time data from vehicles’ dashcams and secondary cameras and provides AR overlays to help guide drivers intuitively. This way even when the driver looks at the display for navigation instructions and other critical information, they can keep track of the surroundings. The product also features intelligent route planning.

Another feature is the ADAS system. Also known as assistive driving, the product is enabled with Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) and has safety features such as lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition. The ISA system also ensures speed limit compliances to create a safer driving experience.

Further, it also introduced Usage-Based Insurance (UBI), which can track the driving behaviour of the driver, and based on a long-term pattern, can offer lower premiums for safer driving. The company stated that by incentivising safe driving practices, the product offers benefits for both the driver as well as insurance providers.

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